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Iain Banks, known as Iain M. Banks when he uses his incredible imagination creating science fiction novels, according to Guardian writer Colin Hughes is
the kind of man who makes many feel ill with envy. He works three, maybe four months a year, but his annual novel invariably hits the bestseller list at launch, making him wealthy enough to spend the rest of the year doing what the hell he wants. And what hell that is: driving his convertible black Porsche 911 top down along winding Scottish roads, zipping across country to meet up with his large circle of pals (it's a word Scots still use without feeling embarrassed), to drink gut-stretching quantities of beer, eat curries and gas about politics, sci-fi, old times. In this circle, Banks is feted for being witty, generous, self-deprecating, and otherwise wonderful company.
And he's "one of Britain's most prominent and prolific writers" (Spike Magazine).

This is a community where his fans and anyone else interested can discuss the books, fiction and sci-fi, and just rabbit* on about Banks.


* "Rabbit?!" I hear you ask. Yes, rabbit. You might not be familiar with this use of the word, but I am, and it seemed the best word to use. I guess it comes from the perception that rabbits just go on and on and on, banging away, as it were.